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343rd Kokutai, Imperial Japanese Navy


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343rd aircraft


Stock Aircraft :
N1K2-J Shiden Kai (primary aircraft) G4M2 "Betty" Bomber
A6M2 Zeke (optional secondary aircraft) B5N2 "Kate" Bomber
A6M5 Zeke (optional secondary aircraft) D3A1 "Val" Bomber
KI-43IIB Hayabusa "Oscar"

1% v2.79 RealityX Aircraft :
1JA A5M4 "Claude" 
1JA A6M2-21 "Zeke"
1JA A6M3-32 "Zeke"
1JA A6M5a-52 "Zeke"
1JA A7M2 Reppu
1JA G4M2 "Betty"
1JA J2M3-33 Raiden "Jack"
1JA KI-43-2b Hayabusa "Oscar"
1JA KI-61 Hien "Tony"
1JA KI-84 Hayate "Frank"
1JA KI-100-1b "Tony"
1JA N1K2-J Shiden-Kai "George"

We also fly the 1% RealityX aircraft of all Axis nations.

343rd Bomb Runs

For non-1% bomb runs, we prefer not to fly the stock G4M2 since it is no where near the equivalent of either the B-25 or B-24, and is thus significatly disadvanted in CFS2 bomb runs. If rules allow, we choose to fly the VB G5N Liz bomber, despite the fact that the Japanese only produced 6 of these aircraft by war's end.