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343rd Kokutai, Imperial Japanese Navy


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Rules and Regs
"The Oath of the Samurai - Duty, Honor, Sacrifice!"

As the 343rd Kokutai is an elite squad, many rules and regulations must be observed:

1)   Adhere to the squad's Rules of Engagement. If you do not have a copy, please advise and I will send you an updated ROE.

2)   Respect and fairness to each other and members of other squads will be expected at all times.

3)   Keep the foul language to an acceptable level in the tradition of fighter pilots. Excessive use of abusive language, or any use of racist or highly objectionable language, is grounds for dismissal from the squad.

4)   Always follow the guidelines established by the host in any CFS2 room on the Zone. If you're not sure, ask the host immediately upon entering. See definitions for FUN, half-FUN and NO FUN rules below.

5)   Never use modified aircraft without informing all participants in the multiplayer session that you intend to do so.

6)   Follow Roger Wilco protocol strictly to ensure effective comms in combat:

RW protocol:
a.  SPEAK ONLY IF IMPORTANT for the entire squad to hear what you have to say.
b.  "CHATTING" SHOULD BE KEPT TO AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM and only when squad activity is in relaxed mode.
c.  ONLY THE C.O. CAN CALL "FREE CHAT" during non-combat carrier operations or long free-flight/island-hops.
d.  REPLY WITH "ROGER" OR "NEGATIVE", and keep your responses brief and concise.
e.  WHEN THE C.O. OR A FLIGHT LEADER ADDRESSES THE ENTIRE SQUAD, pilots will reply by order of rank.
f.  FORGET POLITENESS, do not use "sir", "thank you", "your welcome" etc. or use ranks in address.
g.  USE PILOT SLANG as much as possible to make in-flight comms more efficient:

ANGELS : altitude in thousands of feet (Angels ten = 10,000 ft)
BANDIT : confirmed enemy aircraft
BOGEY : unidentified aircraft
BINGO : the point of a mission at which remaining fuel dictates an immediate return to base
CALL THE BALL : announcing your status on landing (e.g. Final approach, down on the field/deck, runway/deck clear)
THE BOAT : aircraft carrier
BOLTER : aborted carrier landing due to missing cables
BOUNCE : to attack unsuspecting enemy aircraft, usually from above and behind
BREAK! : Evade! You are under attack
BIRD/CRATE : Slang for your airplane
FLY CAP : Circling a friendly airfield or fleet to defend against possible attack
FLY CIRCUS : a ruse where many fighters fly together to draw enemy fighters away from friendly bombers
THE DRINK : the ocean
IN THE SADDLE : on an enemy's six
NO JOY : no visual on the target
HOLDING PATTERN : circling the field or boat waiting to be called for final approach
PANCAKE : Land, refuel and rearm
SPLASH ONE! : Enemy fighter/bomber down!
TARGET : main objective described in briefing


FULL FUN RULES = Allowed are: Tactical display, padlocking, padlock view, HUD view, panel view, virtual cockpit view, spot plane view, chase view, zoom in/zoom out, damage text, frame rates/coordinates (Shift+z), enemy indicator and aircraft labels.

HALF-FUN RULES = Allowed are: virtual cockpit view, panel view, HUD view, zoom in/zoom out, damage text, and frame rates/coordinates. NOT PERMITTED are radar, padlocking, padlock view, spot view, chase view, enemy indicator or aircraft labels.

NO FUN RULES = Allowed are: virtual cockpit view and frame rates/coordinates (in a real aircraft you would be able to read your gauges to determine altitude, airspeed, heading, etc). NOTHING ELSE IS PERMITTED, just like the real thing...