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343rd Kokutai, Imperial Japanese Navy


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Hall of Shame

231_Sabel/ 10th_MD_razor : free flight/shooter
dataframe : free flight/shooter
h_ellsangels_01 : carrier haven 3-free flight/shooter
NN_siberie : free flight/shooter
sqn40_vampire : shipyards/shooter
kod hawg : shipyards/repeated kamikazes
shep3561 : shipyards/shooter/xtreme profanity
_174_birdie : shipyards/shooter
Flyracer_3 : free flight/shooter
Stalin574 : carrier haven 3-free flight/shooter
dsviper20 : shipyards/shooter
huli1976 : shipyards/shooter
The C.O. of a CFS2 squad : on 27 Feb 02, entered an IJN343 hosted room and strafed our formation of dive bombers at close range without provocation after we clearly stated we were practicing a formation free flight run to Alexishafen. "War is hell..." was his quote after diving away in a P-38  ...  Our standing reply: "It will be for you...."
Wedge : shipyards/shooter