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343rd Kokutai

Imperial Japanese Navy



A virtual squadron of elite CFS2 pilots flying Japanese fighters and bombers

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This is the site of the 343rd Kokutai virtual CFS2 squadron, one of the few strictly Japanese squads on the Zone.

The squad was formed by Muto (a.k.a. Leafman) in November 2001 with the intent to be a small squad of veteran or ace skill who enjoy flying Japanese aircraft in combat, free flight, and carrier operations in the New Guinea/Solomons theater.

Our standard mode of flight is 100%, hard model, no FUN rules. However, we also fly full FUN and half-FUN rules (see definitions on Rules and Regs page). During Spring 2002 we have migrated to more realistic flight conditions using almost exclusively the v2.79 1% RealityX aircraft produced by the 1% team and available at .

Most importantly, we believe strongly in the principles of honesty and fair fighting on the Zone and in IP matches. You will never encounter a member of the 343rd Kokutai who uses a mod without announcing it or who violates FUN rule sets, and we will not fly with with anyone on the Zone who is a known or probable violator of generally accepted practices of all honest and honorable CFS2 pilots (to this end you can check our ever-growing list of dishonorable pilots on our Hall of Shame page).

343rd Kokutai


343rd Kokutai

NOTE - Pilots of the 343rd Kokutai in no way represent, or are affiliated with, the Government of Japan or the Imperial Japanese Navy, and joining this Air Group should in no way be construed as support for or endorsement of the conduct, policies or actions of any military unit of the Empire Of Japan during World War II.